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The only platform you will ever need to enter new markets faster and help grow your sales by connecting directly with resellers: integrated apps, kept simple to solve logistics, excise and much more to ship your product across European borders.


The only Place to Reach Horeca Customer

Enter the only active marketplace that connects brands with Horeca customers across Europe and receives orders directly from buyers. Easy ordering, credit, and payment solutions.

Pan European Logistic Solution

Get access to low-cost central storage logistics with fully compliant excise solutions across European countries. Send a small order directly to a Hotel in Vianna.

Increase sales, margins & markets served

Save 20%, 30% or more in mark-ups and costs. Share savings with resellers - end-users buy more. Start selling in many European countries at once! Plus benefit from our loyalty program.

Make Your Life Easier

Trade show lost cost cooperation, data analytics, brand ambassadors, marketing solutions, curated buyer meetings and sampling solutions.


Easy access

Access a broader range of customers across the world and grow your business with our easy-to-use solutions for producers and resellers, no matter how big or small.

Easy payment

Never send an invoice or chase a dollar of payment again and say goodbye to those sleepless nights worrying about cash flow.

Easy fulfilling

Specialized solutions with bonded storage, order pick up, shipping direct to customers, pick pack and ship service

Easy ordering

Manage all your customers’ orders in one place with no more messy emails, phone calls or texts.

Easy account management

Reduce friction in your sales process and remove those time-consuming credit apps.

Easy reporting

Keep up to date and better manage your sales operations with real-time reporting.

Easy growth

Unlike many other platforms providers, our beverage platform has been developed to growth in HORECA as well

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