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15 reasons why you should Date an author

People might not have amazing checkbooks, but that does not mean they do not create fantastic times. Here are 15 reasons to date a writer:

1. Article writers can woo you with words. If your love language is terms of affirmation, you are in luck. Experts will find hundreds of strategies to inform you how much they care.

2. Article authors can stroke your pride. Perhaps you’ll be the naughty girl muse. Possibly he’ll thank you in a manuscript determination. Perhaps you’ll become a sounding board for new tips.

3. Cash does not matter. Date an author and you will certainly be online dating somebody who really does the things they’re doing because he/she enjoys it, maybe not in an attempt to get wealthy.

4. Authors go to fascinating activities with interesting people. Get ready to mingle with fascinating intellectuals and musicians — and also to move your own eyes at a number of pretentious individuals.

5. Authors usually have flexible schedules.

6. The majority of people can write from anywhere. If you’re concerned that your task usually takes that France, your new man or gal might-be (easily) persuaded to join you.

7. Writers present distinctive and innovative perspectives on various topics.

8. Article writers typically enjoy solitude and don’t require an active personal life to thrive.

9. Related to #8, after a lengthy day of writing, the existence might be a welcome breath of clean air.

10. Article writers are smart. Most are hilariously amusing. Other individuals are trivia nerds. You’ll likely pick up a couple of brand new words, arbitrary basic facts, or a deeper admiration for certain topics whenever hanging out with one.

11. Article authors tend to be available publications, wearing their minds on the sleeves, and able to articulate their thoughts and feelings (at the least in some recoverable format) eloquently.

12. Writers are imaginative issue solvers.

13. Experts cope with critique and getting rejected every day. They learn to smartly determine positive critique and persevere in tough times. Article authors never stop easily.

14. Authors can multitask, balancing tasks, pitches and private tasks.

15. Love letters don’t have spelling mistakes included. Neither will grocery lists.