Île Four Limited Edition (Junmai Daiginjo)

Île Four Limited Edition Daiginjo is the master piece of our brewers – a true ‘Limited Edition’ that Sake expert John Gauntner counts among the top 3-4% Sake in the world.

Excellent Sake rice (Yamadanishiki), a high polishing rate (50%) and a long fermentation at low temperatures turn Île Four Limited Edition into a super premium Sake comparable to single cask bottling of high-end Whiskies or rare wines.

Enjoy Île Four Limited Edition chilled and pure – as Aperitf or with food. Light, delicate, very aromatic and quite complex, this Sake is a great pairing with light dishes, fish or appetizers like gambas, foie gras or jamon iberico.

Star-Bartender Gregor Scholl also demonstrates that Île Four Limited Edition can create extraordinary cocktails – here the ‘Frog’ Signature Cocktail of the le Croco Bleu.

Tasting Notes

Very aromatic. Melon and young grape tinged with some apple and berry, and even a citrus note in the recesses. Overall, a complex array of fruit. Very refined and light. A subtle viscosity is a backdrop on which the fruity flavors and secondary aromas play themselves out. Clean finish, especially in light of all that is happening.

– John Gauntner, International Sake expert

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