Île Four Yuzu


INGREDIENTS Île Four Yuzu-Almond Espuma (see recipe below) 3 cl dark Rhum 3 cl white Rhum (aged) 3 cl Jamaican Rhum 1 cl Lemon juice 1,5 cl Dry Orange Curaçao

How to make

METHOD Combine all ingredients in a Shaker and shake well. Pour onto ice cubes in a tumbler and top with the homemade Almond-Île Four Yuzu Espuma YUZU ESPUMA 30cl Île Four Yuzu Sake 20cl Almond syrup 2-3 Eggwhites Add all ingredients into a siphon, add 2 gas capsules and shake; refrigerate for 2-3h until ready to use

Story about Mamajuana Sensual

An incredibly fruity take on a classic! The Yuzu espuma is a one-of-a-kind topping that perfectly complements this strong drink - enjoy!

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