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The Board Place Expo

The mother board room expo is a three-day trade display that features hundreds pop over to this website of booths with board-related goods and services. The expo as well features seminars and courses. It’s a wonderful opportunity to network with business owners and learn about the latest trends in the industry.

A gathering of like-minded enthusiasts

The Boardroom is a special event of the surf board manufacturing industry, a connection of like-minded enthusiasts who have are pulled by a traditional love pertaining to riding dunes and the homemade projects that focus us along those waves. Is the perfect confluence of surfers, shapers and gear enthusiasts just who froth over boards of most sizes and shapes.

It’s a meeting belonging to the industry’s finest

The best in surf development gather beneath one roof covering to showcase their work at The Boardroom International Surf board Show. Shown by simply US Blanks at De Mar Fairgrounds, the display will feature workshops and demonstrations, sales, a shape-off honoring East Coast fable Rich Price, and more. It will also offer in order to purchase a wide variety of surfboards, essential surf equipment, fins, wetsuits and art.

It’s a celebration of this craft

The show’s spotlight is the Portion of Foam Concern, in which 4 master shapers will try to build an 8-foot by 2-foot surfboard by a chunk of froth – not any blanks, zero templates, zero prefab rockers or stringers. Each shaper will have 80 minutes to make a board using only the tools provided in the surrounding bay, and they’ll receive $1, 000 because of their hard work.

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