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Unlock the Cosmic Beauty: Exploring the Interstellar Decal in Rocket League

Black Interstellar

Sensational Rocket League gamers, merit impressive Rocket League car setups. What finer way to show off a victory than winning in flair? And style is precisely what the Interstellar Decal brings to the game. It’s no amazement that it has become one of the most popular items in Rocket League among gamers eager to elevate their cars to cosmic planes.

What Time Was Interstellar Released?

For an extended period, the Rocket League community had been eagerly anticipating for a space-themed Black Market Decal, and their aspirations came true on June 23rd, 2020, with the Momentum Blueprint Series. Amidst the new items released, the Z-Current Decal, Cutter: Inverted, and the Black Market Goal Explosion Gravity Bomb all gained attention, but it was the Interstellar Decal in RL Decal that snatched the spotlight.

Perfect for a space-themed car setup, Interstellar became an swift hit within the RL player base, with everyone eager to obtain this enchanting decal.

Which Much Does the Interstellar Decal?

Upon its debut, the Interstellar Decal held a considerably hefty price, and many gamers were prepared to fork out top credits for it. The Titanium White version reached staggering prices of 15,000 credits, while the default trading was approximately 5,000 credits throughout the first handful of days.

Nonetheless, over the years since its release, the price has significantly dropped and leveled off. At the time of writing, the Titanium White Interstellar costs nearly 2,000 credits, and the default version can be acquired for approximately 1,000 credits. This makes getting Interstellar an stimulating and affordable alternative for any participant, whether they choose to purchase it directly or trade for it.

At what spot To Acquire Interstellar?

If you’re anxious to get your palms on Interstellar without waiting for it to show up in the item shop rotation, you’re in blessing! At OP.Market, we’ve made it feasible to instantly purchase your preferred items, including the Interstellar Decal. You can either buy it using cash, or exchange away your items for it. Our platform permits you to top up your Credit credit with funds, making dealing a breeze, and the most excellent part is Swift delivery – no waiting period around!

Besides OP.Market, you can also explore other marketplaces such as Aoeah, Lolga, and However, we must admit that what sets us apart is our Prompt delivery and reasonable prices! If you opt to trade with items rather of cash, Rl Garage and the Rl Trade Discord are fantastic alternatives, though they necessitate finding deals and negotiating with other traders.

What Sort of Colors Can You Get Interstellar In?

Interstellar is one of the handful Black Market Decals that come in a wide range of colors, enabling you to customize your car to match your style totally. Available in Regular, Black, White, Grey, Crimson, Pink, Cobalt, Sky Blue, Burnt Sienna, Saffron, Lime, Forest Green, Orange, and Purple, there’s a color to complement every taste.

For those interested in purchasing painted versions of Interstellar, here are the current prices:

  • Black = 1.5k credits
  • Titanium White = 2k credits
  • Grey = 900 credits
  • Crimson = 1k credits
  • Pink = 800 credits
  • Cobalt = 900 credits
  • Sky Blue = 1.4k credits
  • Burnt Sienna = 600 credits
  • Saffron = 800 credits
  • Lime = 900 credits
  • Forest Green = 1k credits
  • Orange = 800 credits
  • Purple = 1.1k credits
  • Among the painted versions, the Titanium White Interstellar and the Black Interstellar stand out as the finest colors for a amazing and sleek look.

    To wrap up, the Interstellar Decal is a must-have for any Rocket League player seeking to raise their style to celestial heights. Whether you choose to purchase it outright or trade for it, the diverse color options and affordable prices make it attainable to everyone. So, what are you anticipating for? Seize your Interstellar Decal and showcase your cosmic style now!